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Pella Impervia Fiberglass Windows

One, Two or Three Section Casements

Pella Impervia fiberglass products are made to stand up and stand out with exceptional energy efficiency and low-maintenance features — all with the quality look of a painted window

Standard Features

  • Noncorrosive roller housings containing dual nylon rollers ensure effortless window operation
  • Advanced Low-E Insulating Double-Pane Glass with Argon.
  • Foam filled frame and sash to increase energy efficiency
  • Frame corners are reinforced three ways for increased strength and durability
  • Color-matched metal screen frames with fiberglass mesh
  • Stainless steel operating arm and hinges resist rust and corrosion for years of dependable performance
  • Casement windows available in one section, two section or three section designs

Choose from Traditional Crank Hardware or Easy Slide Operator hardware

Traditional Crank Hardware

  • Casement opens 90° for easy glass cleaning on both sides of window from inside your home
  • Fold-away crank handle folds neatly out of the way. It won’t interfere with room side window treatments
  • Unison Lock System secures the window in two places with a single, easy-to-reach handle.

Easy Slide Operator Hardware

  • The Easy-Slide Operator hardware is the proud winner of the 2021 Best In Show by the International Builders’ Show. The simple operation, minimalist design and long-lasting durability of the Easy-Slide Operator is an unrivaled, one-of-a-kind hardware solution.
  • Slide open, slide closed with the same simple motion as dimming the lights with a dimmer switch, the Easy-Slide Operator allows you to simply slide to open and close your casement and awning windows, without the effort of cranking.
  • Secured with precision venting technology using precision venting technology, the hardware features a brake system which allows you to open your window exactly how far you want to — and it secures in place.
  • The slim, sleek design is placed discretely on the window for an undisrupted look and is tucked to not interfere with window treatments or decor. The easy to use hardware is located conveniently on the jamb of a casement window and on the sill for an awning window.
  • The innovative hardware is engineered with a comfort grip for easy use and smooth operation.

Two panes of glass with Advanced Low-E protection and insulating argon between the panes. Blocks 84% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Three panes of glass also available on select product lines for increased energy efficiency. Blocks 86% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Pella Impervia windows are created from an exclusive fiberglass formula. A structural mat places rovings in a specific, intricate order to meet our high strength standards. Additional layers of strategically placed rovings are added, then the materials are pulled through a machine, injected with polymer resin and heated. It creates an entirely new, thermoset material which won't break down when exposed to the elements or lose its shape in extreme heat — unlike other materials.

Low maintenance. The interior and exterior of your windows and patio doors arrive with a durable powder-coat paint finish. Looks like new for years. Long-lasting factory powder-coat finish that stays looking great for years — inside and out — with little care. Pella’s environmentally friendly paint process virtually eliminates VOCs.

Foam filled frame and sash increase energy efficiency