Provia Entry Door

Legacy Steel Door

The many thoughtfully designed features of ProVia’s Legacy steel exterior doors add up to a professional-class product. Built with 20-gauge steel, Legacy entry doors have 49% more galvannealed steel than 24-gauge doors, making them far superior in strength and rigidity than other steel security doors.
The addition of insulating foam enables most styles of these metal doors to meet ENERGY STAR® certification criteria. Not only do these steel exterior doors provide security, long-term durability and energy efficiency, they also enhance the curb appeal of your home, with many beautiful door styles and options for an attractive woodgrain texture or smooth steel in various stains and paint colors.

Door Model

Legacy 001 Legacy 001S Legacy 002 Legacy 002-440 Legacy 002C-437 Legacy 002S Legacy 003 Legacy 003C Legacy 003S Legacy 005 Legacy 006 Legacy 008 Legacy 009 Legacy 100 Legacy 101 Legacy 110 Legacy 111 Legacy 112 Legacy 113 Legacy 114 Legacy 115 Legacy 116 Legacy 121 Legacy 131 Legacy 150 Legacy 206-4P Legacy 230 Legacy 239 Legacy 240 Legacy 306 Legacy 350 Legacy 400 Legacy 410 Legacy 419 Legacy 420 Legacy 420-2P Legacy 420S Legacy 430 Legacy 430-1P Legacy 430-1PP Legacy 437 Legacy 437-1P Legacy 437-1PP Legacy 439 Legacy 440 Legacy 440 1P Legacy 460

Sidelite Model

Legacy 103M Legacy 106 Legacy 130 Legacy 139 Legacy 140 Legacy 160 Legacy 007


Legacy Steel features add up to a professional-class product. Whether you select Legacy Woodgrain Textured Steel or Smooth Steel, our entry systems will provide an elegant, durable and energy efficient addition to any home.

  1. A
    Composite top endcaps increase rigidity and energy efficiency.
  2. B
    Special adhesives/thermal barrier reduce heat and cold transfer, while the exclusive tab and slot system of mechanical interlocks gives the door exceptional structural strength.
  3. C
    ProVia doors are foam filled by a computer driven process that ensures the optimal foam fill for maximum energy efficiency and strength.
  4. D
    To reinforce the lock and deadbolt area, a rigid composite lock block is added.
  5. E
    The edges and face skin of our steel doors are one continuous piece of steel for strength and durability.
  6. F
    The 20-gauge steel doors give you 49% more galvannealed steel than a standard 24-gauge door.
  7. G
    Composite bottom endcaps increase rigidity and energy efficiency.
  8. H
    Legacy steel entry systems come standard with an anodized nickel threshold with a complementary riser.