Provia Door

Decorative Glass

Highly skilled craftsmen assemble hand beveled glass accented with a variety of unique glass options by precisely cutting, mitering and soldering each componenet into artistically designed patterns.

Decorative Glass


Barcelona Glass

Barcelona Decorative Glass features an exquisite wrought iron design with the option of choosing Gluechip (standard), Waterfall, Taffeta, Chinchilla, Obscure Pebble or clear glass.


Brookhaven Glass

Brookhaven offers effortless style, with narrow/thin reed glass all over, complemented by clear beveled glass. Zinc caming tops it off, making it a simple, modern and attractive design.


Carlisle Glass

Carlisle features clear bevels, arctic and seedy glass giving an appealing entranceway to any style of home.


Carmen Glass

Carmen features a refreshing new style for an entrance way with old world style charm. Standard with Chinchilla privacy glass and also available in all privacy glass options.


Carrington Glass

Carrington features small hammered, flat seedy and clear bevels in an attractive vintage design to accent your home’s entryway.


Constance Glass

Constance features gluechip, medium gray softwave and beveled edge glue chip resulting in a traditional design that gives your entryway an elegant look.


Eclipse Glass

Eclipse Decorative Glass features double Gluechip privacy glass and clusters of bevel with a traditional and harmonious design. Eclipse promotes classical elegance and privacy.


Esmond Glass

Esmond features small hammered, micro-granite, flat seedy and clear bevels in a splendid old-world style design bringing a unique touch to your entryway.


Essence Glass

Essence features a bronze softwave glass combined with micro-granite that brings elegance to a whole new level. This design will take your breath away with its fluent and colorful style.


Florence Glass

This traditional style is accented with a creamy alabaster glass adding interest and appeal that clearly sets it apart from other decorative designs.


Gemstone Glass

Beautiful beveled glass with iced and micro-iced granite, accented with zinc caming, gives ProVia custom entry doors using this classic design a contemporary edge with significant privacy.


Laurence Glass

Laurence Decorative Glass features a gray soft wave expressing defined classical vintage that will greet your guests with its distinguished character and prominent lines.


Manhattan Glass

Manhattan features streamed glass, clear bevels and gray softwave, combining simplicity and modern style. Accent it with either patina or zinc caming to customize the look.


Mirage Glass

Mirage offers effortless style, with narrow/thin reed glass all over, complemented by clear beveled glass. Zinc caming tops it off, making it a simple, modern and attractive design.


Somerset Glass

Somerset features small hammered, micro granite and clear bevels in a simple yet elegant design that gives a fresh look to your entryway.


Symphony Glass

Symphony features a bronze softwave and expresses timeless beauty and elegance at every curve. This design is sure to bring you a pleasing and melodious style.


Tacoma Glass

Tacoma Decorative Glass features a hammered and micro-granite design reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts period. Tacoma adds a Southwestern-inspired theme bringing heritage and legacy to your door.


Tranquility Glass

Tranquility Decorative Glass features unique Chinchilla glass accented with beveled clusters and streamed glass.


Twilight Glass

Twilight Decorative Glass is a beautiful, silk-screened piece of art. Its unique frosted glass adds to the warmth and privacy of your home.