Vytex Potomac

Double Hung

Potomac windows — Vytex premier line of vinyl windows combine remarkable strength, durability and energy efficiency. The Potomac model is available with Vywood a paintable or stainable wood interior. The warranty and thermal performance of vinyl with interiors that can be painted or stained to match any room.

Standard Features

Vytex Potomac Double Hung Window

    Window Anatomy

  • Welded sash and frame corners mean durability and dependability
  • Constant Force balance system allows years of easy, carefree window operation
  • Integral interlock keeps windows closed tight for added security and weatherproofing
  • VyCore™ Foam insulation in frame and sash provides maximum insulating performance
  • Triple weatherstripping at all sealing locations decreases air and water infiltration
  • Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
  • Full 1” sealed Insulated Glass Unit for increased insulating power
  • Integrated sash lock and tilt system provides ease of use and greater forced entry resistance
  • Magnetic seal virtually eliminates drafts, keeping your home comfortable
  • High-Performance Triple Silver LowE Double Strength Glass
  • VyClear Screen

Dual surface, double strength LowE glass. Using two surfaces of LowE provides the same level of efficiency as a triple glazed unit. Argon Gas - more dense than air, slow down the movement of air within the 1" airspace, reducing the transfer of heat to cold for improved energy performance. Double Hungs have a .22 U-factor

VyCore™ Foam Insulation Vytex’s exclusive insulation system increases the R-value resistance to heat flow. Magnetic insert compresses sash to frame for a tighterseal.

Expect superior performance. In thermal tests, Vytex® EnerCore™ performs 533 times better than aluminum and 160 times better than steel

Dualtech Sash Locks and Tilt Latches. Seamless operation of integrated tilt latch and lock with the simple swing of a lever.


Vytex Warranty Vytex NFRC label Potomac Double Hung

Vytex Potomac Double Hung