Pella Architect Series - Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Exquisitely detailed wood windows  in custom shapes, sizes, grille patterns, exterior colors, and more. Eight naturally beautiful wood types with fine-furniture detailing. Pella’s most authentic look of individual windowpanes.

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Pella Architect Series - Casement


  • Precision Fit - all of our Pella windows are custom built for a perfect fit.
  • Opens to 90 degrees for easy cleaning.
  • 7/8" Double-Pane Insulating Glass with high performance Low E glazing system and argon gas.
  • Pella's EnduraClad® exteriors don't need painting; plus, they resist fading and chalking to stay looking great for years.
  • The wood interior may be stained or painted to match any decor.
  •  Fully assembled unit slides easily into the window "pocket" created when the old window sashes are remove. Trim, paint, wallpaper, plaster and exterior surfaces are usually not disturbed.
  • Continuous weatherstripping keeps air and water outside.
  • Pella's patented SureLock System reaches out to grab the window sash, pulling it tight against the weatherstripping.
  • Pella's patented Unison Lock System secures both upper and lower locks with one easy-to-reach handle.
  • Stainless steel operating hardware helps resist rust and corrosion.
  • Comes standard with full screens and fold-away handles that do not interfere with roomside window treatments.

















Opens 90° for easy cleaning from inside.
Shown with optional roll away screen.












Western Pine is standard











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