Pella Architect Series - Grids

Exquisitely detailed wood windows  in custom shapes, sizes, grille patterns, exterior colors, and more. Eight naturally beautiful wood types with fine-furniture detailing. Pella’s most authentic look of individual windowpanes.

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Pella Architect Series - Grille Options

Choose from Integral Light Technology, Removable Roomside Wood Grilles or Grilles In Between the glass

7/8" ILT 1 1/4" ILT 2" ILT


Integral Light Technology (ILT) Wood Grilles

Pella's most authentic look of individual windowpanes. Grilles are permanently bonded to the inside and outside of the glass with a nonglare spacer in between.



3/4" Removable 1 1/4" Removable 2" Removable
3/4" Internal







In-Between the Glass Aluminum Grilles

Grilles are permanently sealed between the panes of insulating glass.

Roomside Removable Wood Grilles

Roomside grilles can be removed to make cleaning easier.











Grille Patterns
Cross New England Traditional Top Row Victorian Prairie 12 Lite Prairie


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