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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why doesn't AHC, Inc. offer in home estimates?
  2. What kind of windows are for me?
  3. Why is AHC, Inc. less expensive than their competitors?
  4. What kind of installation does AHC, Inc. Offer?
  5. Who installs my new windows?
  6. What is the process from quote to installation?

Why doesn't AHC, Inc. offer in home estimates?

  •  We structured our business very differently from other window companies. We do not have any commissioned salesmen. Most companies that do in home estimates do so by using commissioned salesmen. The industry norm is 10% of the contract price. We decided that we would not go this route for two reasons. First is the savings to the customer. Our average window contract is $3,500 – this means that you would pay an extra $350 if we had salesmen. Secondly, we do not employ high pressure tactics – since the commission is the salesman’s income source – it is easy to slip into high pressure sale’s pitches with promises made to customers that are not factual.  What we do is give estimates over the phone, through our website or in our showroom. The extra work put on the customer by doing it this way is supplying us with quantity, how the window operates, color, window material and approximate sizes (the size stratifications for pricing is 10” so there is plenty of room for error). For on line quote visit our email quote page. We email back written, line itemed quotes and can supply pricing on several scenarios if you are unsure about model or material. This way you can attach a dollar amount to the different choices which often helps in the decision. The quote we supply is the real quote – not the first one to see if you’ll buy at that price. If a company has room to lower their price – they were trying to overcharge you the first time. If you decide to proceed with the order, we come out and take precise measurements as all of our windows are custom make. If you are more the type that likes to touch and feel the product, we have all of our products on display in our showroom located at 10778 Tucker Street - Beltsville, MD 20705
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What kind of windows are for me?

  • Vinyl windows offer better warranties, thermal performance and are about half the cost of wood or fiberglass.  Grids are in between the glass, however, American Jewel does offer simulated true divide grids.  Simulated true divide grids are grids on the outside of the glass - both on the interior and exterior of the windows.  If you want the vinyl warranty with a paintable/stainable interior the American Jewel Woodline is the window for you.  It is a vinyl window with a wood clad interior. Fiberglass windows have a less shiny appearance than vinyl windows.  Fiberglass windows can be made larger than vinyl or wood and they are paintable.  Fiberglass windows have limited lifetime warranties - some parts are prorated. Wood windows offer a natural beauty and lend warmth to a home.  They can be painted or stained to match different decors.  Grids can be in between the glass of simulated true divide.  Pella designer series offers blinds or shades in between the glass.  Wood warranties are 10 years on the windows & 20 years on the glass seals.
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Why is AHC, Inc. less expensive than their competitors?

  • Besides not passing through the salesman's commission costs, American Home Center, Inc.  does not have the advertising expenses of other firms.  You will not find us in magazines, value packs, newspapers or on the radio.  84% of our business comes from past customers using us again, past customers referring us to friends or folks finding us through the Consumer's Checkbook or Angie's List.  Because we don't pay the big advertising bills, we do not have to pass that cost on to you. 
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What kind of installation does AHC, Inc. Offer?

  • American Home Center, Inc. does replacement windows.  Your existing wood frame stays, we remove your sashes and install a new window into your frame.  This is why you lose glass size when you replace your windows.  American Jewel is the slimmest sash profile we could find to reduce the amount of glass you lose.  Included in the installation is wrapping your exterior frame with vinyl coated aluminum so the exterior of the opening is maintenance free. We offer either replacement method or full tears for entry doors.  With the replacement method, a new door with a frame is put into your existing frame.  This reduces the size of the opening, which is usually fine for a back door or basement door, but for your front entrance we recommend you have a new construction door installed.  If you need to replace sidelites with your door, this is only available in new construction doors.  These new construction products are installed using the full tear method. The old frame is removed.  In the case of patio doors, both atrium and sliding the old frame is removed so no reduction in opening size.
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Who installs my new windows?

  • AHC, Inc. uses it's own full time employees.  We do not ever use subcontractors.  Our employees have had extensive training including EPA Lead-Safe practices certification.  We use in house employees for several reasons.  The first is absolute schedule control, when we tell you your windows will be installed in a certain time frame - we mean it.  Secondly because they only work for us - subcontractors typically work for several different companies.  With us their are no divided loyalties.   From a customer's perspective this works because if something goes wrong there is no finger pointing between the seller and the subcontractor.  Also there is no chance of miscommunication about what the job entails.
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What is the process from quote to installation?

  • Quotes are given over the phone, through our website Email Quote or in the showroom.  If you decide you want to proceed with the project, we come out and take our measurements and get the paperwork down at the same time.  No multiple visits for sale and measurements.  The terms are a 1/3 deposit when the contract is signed, balance due at completion.  Part of the contract is a two week window in which the windows will be installed.  When your windows come in you are contacted to find a date that works in your schedule.  The installers arrive between 7:00-7:30am and are usually done by sometime between 1:00-3:00pm.  Most installations are only one day.  The only reason we will not come on the day you are set is if it is raining or snowing on that day.  If we need to reschedule because of weather, we will call you by 6:30am that morning to let you know.  This gives you the chance to plan your day accordingly.
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