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Family Owned and Operated Since 1980
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Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC
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In 1987 Robert Willett founded RKW Construction, a window installation firm that installed windows and doors for other contractors.  In 1994 Robert merged his installation firm with Thermal Construction Company, a home improvement company founded in 1980.  The merger produced American Home Center, Inc that both installed and supplied windows.  Most companies use subcontractors to install their windows, AHC, Inc. was one of the first companies to use in house employees to install the products we offer. 

AHC, Inc. is also innovative in the way we give customers quotes.  All that is needed to give you a quote is the size of your windows, how they operate and what material you want the window made from.  We knew we didn't want to go into people's homes and hammer them to buy - so we decided we would do our quotes over the phone, through internet or in our showroom.  The size stratification for pricing is 10 inches, so there is a wide margin for error. All of our windows are custom made so we do come out to take measurements for ordering the windows but we do not need that level of detail to give you a price.  Companies that do in home estimates usually use commissioned salesman.  Industry standard for commission is 10%.  In most cases the salesman works from "Par" pricing.  This is the amount he must sell the job for to get his 10%.  If he sells it over "Par", he splits the difference with the company.  This is the reason salesman can drop their price.  They try to get you to buy for over "Par" and if that doesn't work, lower their price. Not a very ethical way of operating.  When you consider the in home estimates are 10% of your contract cost - they're not such a bargain.


  • Maryland - MHIC#37401
  • District of Columbia - Home Improvement Contractor Perm#3276
  • Virginia - #2705 031732A
  • City of Fairfax - 110293
  • City of Alexandria - 111540
  • County of Arlington - BLC10000003683-02
  • County of Fairfax - 000-26-2761


  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm #NAT-20455-1
  • Energystar Partner


  • Liberty Mutual - Workman's Comp
  • Liberty Mutual  - Auto
  • Liberty Mutual - Liability and Umbrella


  • Western Surety Company  


  • Better Business Bureau


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